Traditional Balinese Food


The traditional balinese food tipat cantok is verry famous in bali. There is alot kind of  balinese food that verry vamilliar in bali but not so many tourist know about that. Local people who doesn’t eat at home will be  go to warung to have some food, warung is more small than cafe, there is alot kind of warung like a  warung babi guling, warung nasi campur, warung  sate , warung tipat cantok and many others..


I want to introduce the famous one of the warung tipat cantok that have name: ANGKRINGAN O’ISHII.

everyday open from 10am – 7:30pm. Almost balinesse coment is verry delicious.

Look like gado gado but alittle bit diferent test. I really like this. It was became my favourite food. With a peanuts sauce, balinesse sauce, and than rice, vegetable. Mmmm,,, so interesting.

ANGKRINGAN O’ISHII is located near from canggu vlub, from bypast tanah lot take the way to canggu club or brawa beach, and you will find on the right side there is a clipboard with the title angkringan o’ishii..



For  every body who want to find it also can contact mobile phone : 08123987714

Lets go

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